Aromatherapy, Remedial & Sports Massage 

Setting the Highest Standards in Treating Injuries & Pain 

With over 18 years' experience in the field of massage and aromatherapy, Forest Hill Practice's aromatherapy, remedial & sports massage practioner Lesley Halsall offers a variety of treatments aimed at restoring balance, and function to the body. She continues in her professional development so that her treatments are rooted in evidence-based best practice. She has a particular interest in sports injuries and sports massage. Lesley also has a wealth of expertise in pregnancy and ante-natal care and is a qualified ante-natal educator. She is a member of Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI).


Aromatherapy Massage
Lesley is a qualified clinical aromatherapist and blends essential oils on an individual basis to treat many chronic conditions such as migraine, pre-mentrual syndrome, acne, Psoriasis, stress, and insomnia. The powerful combination of massage and aromatherapy is effective in alleviating symptoms, whilst also treating the root cause of the problem. Prescribing and blending oils for home use, Lesley enables clients to have the power to continue treatment between aromatherapy massage visits at Forest Hill Practice. 

Remedial Massage

Lesley employs many different massage techniques during treatments, which include deep tissue manipulation, lymphatic drainage, and neuro-muscular techniques. She is also a qualified "No Hands" practioner and this powerful form of massage enales Lesley to work effectively on large muscle groups to release tension and restore balance. To complement her treatments she also uses acupressure and reflex point work. This combination of massage techniques helps to effectively alleviate muscle tension that may cause stiffness and pain.

Sports Massage

Alongside the remedial massage techniques Lesley uses joint mobilisitaion, muscle energy techniques and stretching to treat specific injuries. Your injury may not be sports-related, but may be due to postural strain or occupational factors, too.Whatever the cause of your discomfort, sports massage can be effective in your recovery. Treatment often involves a home self-help plan of simple yet effective exercises and stretching.

What Does Massage Treatment Involve? 

Before any treatment can begin a full assessment and examination is carried out.This is to identify whether massage is an appropriate form of treatment for you. At this time a treatment plan will be discussed and agreed upon with you. Lesley is a holistic practioner and it is important to her that you are comfortable with your treatment at all times.You will be asked to undress down to your underwear, but will be covered with large towels at all times. Lesley is very aware of clients' modesty.

As massage involves the use oils, it is advisable to wear your older clothes and underwear! Oils do impregnate clothing and can cause staining, particularly on whites. 

Pregnancy & Birth 

As an NCT-trained ante-natal specialist Lesley has worked with many pregnant women and their partners to help them prepare for childbirth. She can provide treatment throughout your pregnancy to help with related ailments and discomfort.  She also advises on active birth and relaxation techniques for both you and your birth partner.

More Information/Book an Appointment

If you would like to know more about any of the Aromatherapy, Remedial & Sports Massage treatments we provide at our Tarporley sports massage clinic in Cheshire or would like to book an appointment simply call us on 01829 731 360 and our team will be happy to help.  



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